Product Lounge
A full service licensing firm


Product Lounge is recognized for producing innovative product extensions for stars of the design industry. Founded in 2004 by Jason Rubinstein and Robyn Malin, Product Lounge offers unique expertise in product design and merchandising, licensing and business management to help clients leverage the power of their brands and designs to create successful product licensing programs.


The Benefits of Licensing:

Licensing can be one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s marketing arsenal. Brand extensions can provide the opportunity to expand into new product categories without capital investment with partners who are experts in those categories.  Other benefits are additional consumer touch points, increased shelf space, enhancement of perceived image, and of course, revenue generation.

Consider Licensing if You Are:

  • A home furnishings brand looking to extend your product breadth and raise your consumer profile.

  • A brand wishing to develop a secondary diffusion brand to expand into broader distribution.

  • An interior designer seeking to add licensed products to your offering.

  • A fashion designer or brand wanting to move into home categories.

  • An international brand interested in establishing or increasing American presence and market share.

  • An archival collection, foundation or institution seeking to monetize your assets.

  • A celebrity or influencer interested in brand development within the home space.

  • A private equity firm seeking to add financial value to your home-related brands.